Norcal PV


We offer Northern California property owners the best in photovoltaic system design, financing and installation--a globally proven technology perfectly suited for our area.

By the best, I mean

  • we guarantee you the best price on an installed system,
  • We guarantee your system's performance,
  • We guarantee fast system permitting and installation,
  • We monitor your system's performance during the warranty period online at no additional cost, and
  • Our warranty covers all labor and materials for ten years following installation.

The combination of proven technologies, great solar design, California performance based incentive payments, federal tax benefits, and the increasing cost of power from our utility companies make the numbers more attractive than ever.

Generate part or all of your own power demand onsite, run your electrical meter backwards, and increase the value of your property--all now options for NorCal property owners. Own rather than rent your power today.

With twenty years in design, development, and construction in Northern California, we have a solid track record of producing great real estate, legacy level quality delivered on-time, and on-budget.

We can help you utilize pv to make a difference on your property, allowing you to make a difference in our world.



Photovoltaics Are a Good Investment...

PV offers you a way to insulate your property investments from utility company rate shock, lock in your costs of power, and decrease your carbon footprint.

Interested in how on-site pv can make a difference on your property? Get started today by contacting us.